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PR type of 3 for copay decided by custom bill detail 8 or remittance tracking ClaimMaster3.0.0.64 ClaimMaster SQL 64  
Process ERA remittance into a comma separated file by putting a report control file into the Remittance Comma Separated Report ClaimMaster3.0.0.62 ClaimMaster SQL 62  
Get Deductible from Remittance table instead of detail note ClaimMaster3.0.0.61    
Ensure LX line numbers are always in order starting at 1. Needed because of Skip .01 change ClaimMaster3.0.0.59 executable
Add ability to Skip .01 Charges for an insurance ClaimMaster3.0.0.58 ClaimMaster SQL 58  
Add parameter to supress claim level adjudication date on secondary and tertiary claims ClaimMaster3.0.0.57 ClaimMaster SQL 57  
Adjudication for Tertiary looking only at secondary or primary ClaimMaster3.0.0.56    

Correct adjudication date for secondary.

No Fault Jopari with error message if no auth patched

No Fault Jopari with error message if no auth ClaimMaster3.0.0.54    
Workers comp patch 7 - allow 50 lines per claim instead of 30 (as 5010 allowed that increase) and expand provider's physician license number to 12 ClaimMaster3.0.0.53    
workers comp patch 6- set workers comp insured to non-person and use Insured ID number as auth and workers comp includes address of employer. ClaimMaster3.0.0.52    
workers comp patch 5 - error message if workers comp and no accident date ClaimMaster3.0.0.51    
Workers comp patch 4 - Error message if workers comp and not relationship to insurance of employee ClaimMaster3.0.0.50    
Workers Comp Patch 3 - Let only wcmp type look at wc specially ClaimMaster3.0.0.49    
Workers Comp Patch 2 - getting 0b license ClaimMaster3.0.0.48    
Workers Comp Patch 1 ClaimMaster3.0.0.47    
Search with multiple stars ClaimMaster3.0.0.46    
Date Range Error Fix & Workers Comp V1 ClaimMaster3.0.0.45 SQL Incremental  
ICD10 Error message fix ClaimMaster2.0.0.44    
Tertiary Medicaid Fix ClaimMaster2.0.0.43    
ICD10 Fix for Clinic first BF ClaimMaster2.0.0.42    
Tertiary Medicaid ClaimMaster2.0.0.41 SQL Incremental  
Handle Clinic Commercial Medicaid Facility Code ClaimMaster2.0.0.40 SQL Incremental  
Add Clinic Commercial Medicaid ClaimMaster2.0.0.39 SQL Incremental  

Allow Supression to just one diagnosis

Cross over suppression for all but medicaid

ClaimMaster2.0.0.37 SQL Incremental  
Claim Scrubber Phase I ClaimMaster2.0.0.36 SQL Incremental  
Error message for NDC UOM blank in Lytec 2014 ClaimMaster2.0.0.35 SQL Incremental  
Second release Commercial Availity and ICD10 ClaimMaster2.0.0.34


More Commercial Availity plus ICD10 ClaimMaster2.0.0.33

SQL Incremental


Commercial Availity

DOS on 277 Empire Medicare


SQL Incremental

special for only one client

full install for 2011 +
Adjudication date for physician secondary claims ClaimMaster2.0.0.31    
Medicaid PEND report changes ClaimMaster2.0.0.30    

Change claims remittance preprocess for Lytec so that 90 day primary claims error will be based upon the latest adjudication date instead of the earliest. Change claims remittance preprocess also to switch the clp01 code from 22 (adjustment crossed over) to 19 because the automatic crossover occurred already but Lytec does not recognize 22 as crossed over.

Added an option for TOBDA only to resend old batches of no-npi clinic claims as adjustments with requested changes.

Give error on 90 day indicator of 7 with adjudication date within 30 days. (Only active if Database link and a payment exists and a override of 0 pay is required) ClaimMaster2.0.0.28    
ClaimMaster Install allows designation of another database name in addition to CMSQL ClaimMaster2.0.0.27 SQL Incremental  
Provider Custom1 = POD to Supress Supervisor for Podiatry Non-Medicare ; Edit practices shows real database name now, not the related practice name. ClaimMaster2.0.0.26 SQL Incremental  
DME ClaimMaster2.0.0.25 SQL Incremental  

Changed patient name special character removal - tell clients no * in names

Handle claims following zero fill so they do not get out of balance line error

ClaimMaster2.0.0.24 SQL Incremental  

Practice limit raised to 200
Added Physical Location Name
Handle Allowed with 0 paid as an entry of 0 payment when using SQL

ClaimMaster3.0.0.23 SQL incremental  
90 day secondary indicator



SQL incremental user manual
Handle PTCD (only with SQL payments) for physical therapy. Combines all lines into one.


(skipped 20)

SQL incremental  
ZeroFill sends no detail adjudication information (SVD, CAS, DTP)
NJ Phone numbers
ClaimMaster3.0.0.19 SQL incremental

Handle 12 diagnosis codes; error if no diag at all

resolve << doubling of validvalues

place of service 12 and 16 zip code issue

ClaimMaster3.0.0.18 SQL incremental SQL full 2011 install

Family Planning Medicaid - F in Bill Custom 7 when entire bill is family planning

Medicare adjustments: Put "LN Adjust" in box 19

Detail line gets 4 diagnoses

Supervising physician is not the biller


sql for 2000 full install


sql for 2005 express full install

Multiple error handling on 277CA
Railroad Medicare setup

ClaimMaster3.0.0.16 SQL incremental  

Blue Cross secondary if not self insured
Error on bad npi
handle override address with no second address line
remittance report show proper detail

ClaimMaster3.0.0.15 SQL Incremental Complete 2011 install sql
updates to segment control ClaimMaster3.0.0.14    
Added procedures that require more detail in SV102-7; ZeroFill replacement tables ClaimMaster3.0.0.13    

Blue Cross 277 CA reader
error on less than 9 digit zip code if 5010
sv206 for institutional cleared
add option to redo setup
add configuration for "Must Override Allow for zero pay" and "Use Bill Custom 2 as Override Allowed"

ClaimMaster3.0.0.12 SQL incremental  

NoNPI rework for clinic
Ability to ignore overridden payments
Ability to use original ref instead of Custom 4 (Still use V in Bill custom 4 for void)
Ability to indicate an insurance never accepts adjustments
Set payment address as patient for POS 12
Do not report the same POS at header and detail (for Blue Cross)
Do not report the same Auth at header and detail (for Blue Cross)

ClaimMaster3.0.0.11 SQL incremental  
Ability to ingore secondary payments. ClaimMaster3.0.0.10    
Handle NOS/NOC Additional Information; Up to 9 diagnosis codes; Taxonomy; get payment from custom fields if all are overridden. ClaimMaster3.0.0.9    
Add Physical Address Override ClaimMaster3.0.0.8 SQL incremental  
Handle NDC ClaimMaster3.0.0.7    
Handle Pay To Link Better ClaimMaster3.0.0.6    
Handle Pay To Link ClaimMaster3.0.0.5 none added for this release cummulative sql for lytec 2011 only
5010 Institutional Medicaid Secondary ClaimMaster3.0.0.4 SQL incremental  
Handle medicare secondary reason (SBR05 on SBR*S). Take from claim if entered in 2011. Take from claimmaster setup if not 2011. (SBR05 on other payer SBR*P is set to blank) ClaimMaster3.0.0.3 SQL Incremental  
Handle relationship to insured for secondary properly 5010 and 4010 ClaimMaster3.0.0.2 No SQL needed  
Handle 5010 VERY BETA ClaimMaster3.0.0.1 Install Script Incremental for below 2011 Install Script Incremental for 2011
Handle Clinic ClaimMaster Install Script Incremental  

Handle Physicians Assistant for Medicaid. For 2010+, set primary insurance submitter id to 'PA' and for older Lytec versions, set primary insurance processing type to 'PA'. Also enter a supervising physician and fill in the legacy 1 with the tax id. This is only for Medicaid physician and only if the supervisor NPI is not matching the Prov NPI. The billing provider (2010AA NM1*85) will be the supervisor and will use the practice tax id. The rendering provider (2310B NM1*82) will be the bill header provider. The supervising loop will also be filled.


Error if ADJ transaction applied to item. Get deductible from custom field or from note. Handle POS 16. ClaimMaster2.0.0.11.f install script incremental  
new maintenance program ClaimMaster2.0.0.11.c installscripts  

NJ Medicaid payor ID change; Background support for autopay - Distributes dot Net 3.5 Framework and VC runtime environment via standard windows installer



To get Microsoft Net 3.5 Framework directly from Microsoft